Looking for an alternative to talk therapy?

Private Art Therapy may help!

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is great for children and adults.  For those who are new to art-making, or those who enjoy creative expression of any kind, art therapy offers a uniquely direct way of engaging a person’s unspoken feelings and unresolved experiences using a number of creative modalities. Combining creative and visual expression with psychotherapy, this approach is a powerful outlet for those who can’t easily express their feelings and life reflections in words. 

Art therapy can lead to a deepened understanding of a person’s own strengths and fears, re-establishing the inner control that is the ground of human freedom and thriving. 

John Muraco brings his experience in Art Education, the performing arts, movement, and his Masters Degree in Art Therapy to the table when working with your child.  John encourages anyone who may think this could be helpful to reach out for a free consultation via email.  John@heartwellhouse.com

Our Expressive therapy methods can include drawing, painting, movement, music, photography, simple sculpture and writing; unlike most art classes, these therapies are open-ended in length, and open in the use of any medium or media.

Expressive Arts Groups - Keep an eye on our schedule for workshops!

You are an artist!  HeartWell House Expressive Arts groups are process oriented and open to your practice, play, and exploration.  Come check out one of our seasonal offerings!  These can include textile arts and knitting, movement and improvisation games, watercolor groups and more.  See our schedule for current news.
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