Therapeutic Sound & Wellness Events

– Offered at HeartWell House or we come to you!

–  Customizable to small or large groups, or private sessions 

The Arc of Sound is a highly customizable therapeutic sound and wellness offering that can be customized to meet the needs of your clients or group.  These sessions are typically 90 minutes in length or can be curated to include creative arts experience, full movement classes, and wellness education for day long programs.  

John has delivered these programs to:

– Corporate in service days
– School staff wellness days
– Teen retreats
– Wellness days for caregivers to those living with cancer and terminal illness
– Domestic Violence Shelter staff and clients- Residential facilities for older adults 
– In-patient centers for adolescents
– Recovery and addictions groups
– Special event parties and ceremonies
– Universities 
– Programs and collaborations with artists, and musicians
– Girls night out, birthday parties, and more. . . .
The Arc of Sound and accompanying movement, meditation, and expressive arts explorations are informed by John’s 20+ years of experience in the wellness arts .  His sensitivity to the uniqueness of individuals and groups is backed by his work as a therapist and educator.  

The Arc of Sound, or commonly referred to as a "Sound Bath" typically begin with a sequence of relaxing stretches, calming breathing techniques. If a group desires something more upbeat and uplifting we can accommodate those needs as well. Following this, your only task is to get as comfortable as possible.  Most people lay down, cover up with blankets and take in the sounds of carefully selected singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other soothing sound making tools. 

The Arc of Sound Private Sanctuary Sessions

This session is all about YOU.  We will begin with soothing and relaxing stretches, or breathing practices designed to help relax and nourish your body and nervous system.  Following this, all you need to do is get comfortable, cover up with warm, heavy blankets, and take in the sounds of carefully selected instruments for deep relaxation.  

These sessions are extremely calming and vary little will be asked of you.  If you are feeling stressed, have a lot going on, and need to chill out I highly recommend coming in for a Sanctuary Session.  Contact for more info.


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