Music, Dance, joy, and expression are paramount in the HeartWell House world.  When we create space to let the mind take a break, and move our bodies with freedom there is a profound potential for deep healing, and space to blossom and grow.  In these offerings no experience is necessary, your arrival is the experience.

Let’s rejuvenate ourselves, take a break from the pattern of stress, and build relationships within the community.


Community Drumming and Music Events

“Musis With Friends” (second Friday of every month) is created for all of us to de-stress, have fun, or to try something new. . . .No experience necessary!!  Collective drumming can connect  a roomful of people into the present moment. This ‘no experience necessary class’ can be a great way to spend a Friday evening, create community, and increase energy. Please bring a drum or other hand instruments. A small number of instruments will be available to experiment with.


Sound Bath Meditation (Second Sunday of every month)


Your only task here is to be comfortable. Blankets, pillows and comfortable mats are provided, but feel free to bring your own. A gently guided relaxation experience will be followed by the sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs and the sounds of other instruments. The evocative nature of these sounds can support a person’s movement through emotions and also deepen awareness.

We Will come to you!! Contact John at he loves to travel and create customized events for you and your group!

Please keep an eye out for upcoming music events and musician showcases!!

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