Movement, Exercise, and Uplifting Therapy Services
Serving youth and adults
Expressive Arts for Youth
Individual Sound Healing & Deep Relaxation
Monthly Sound Baths
Weekly Classes & Customized Workshops
Hand Selected Crystals, Textiles, & More

Art Therapy for Youth / Personalized, Nourishing, and Revitalizing offerings for adults.

HeartWell House is an Expressive Art Therapy center providing private therapy for people looking for an alternative to talk therapy.  HeartWell House offers weekly classes for the community while also curating customized yoga, movement and sound bath retreats off-site.  Let us know if you want to create something!

John’s therapeutic approach is gentle, focused on processing current feelings, 

and forward-looking toward healthy strategies in life.

Contact to set up a FREE consultation or to discuss creating a private program.

Massage Therapy with Janine on Thursdays and Fridays! email for info.

We are located between Kimberton Whole Foods and Turkey Hill at
8330 Easton Road in Ottsville

HeartWell House News

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