SoundBath News!! We were featured in Northern New York Newspaper! Link to Holly’s Story at end of my brief intro :)

Sound, music, the arts, and dancing have always been a way for me to connect deeply to spontaneity, joy, and to express those aspects of life that are difficult to find words for. These practices made their way into my educational and professional work in 2009 while working internship roles at hospitals while in graduate school. It was in 2014 that through a series of situations, reflection, and conversations with my wife Laura, I decided to start using various ambient sound making tools in private therapy and group workshops. I remember when I made the decision to purchase my first sound kit. I was immersed in research, delving in to different gongs, chimes, singing bowls and soaking up all I could in this sub culture of treatment and music. I realized the importance of having the opportunity to hear and play with these instruments before making a financial commitment – at the time the nearest music store was in Chicago! I drove straight there and hung out in Andys Music Shop for 8 hours. I have been using the same kit now for 7 years and it continues to deliver. I am continuously struck by the profound experiences people have, not by anything I have provided, or done for them, but by how the sound allows individuals and groups to access deep reflection on seeds of wisdom, dreams, and intelligence that already resides within. For the past year I have been traveling to upstate NY to the most amazing studio and offering sound baths, yoga workshops and more. Liz Price Kellogg owns and operates River Yoga in Clayton, NY and has invited me into her space (along with my instruments), and we have had some fun and powerful experiences up there!! I hope you read the article and check out the wonderful story that Holly Boname captured. She writes and edits for Norther New York Newspaper and is an absolute gem of a human being. Thanks for reading! – John

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