Kundalini Yoga! Live Music and Meditation Workshop!

September 29th, 2018 6:00 – 8:30pm

Check out the flyer for details!

If you are uplifted by live music, are curious about or practice yoga, and want to explore ways to feel empowered and relaxed, then join us in this engaging workshop. As musician, Charlie Masters, creates a transformative soundscape, expressive therapist, John Muraco, will guide us in a powerful Kundalini Yoga sequence to increase lung capacity and circulation. In addition, we will explore breathing techniques to reduce stress and relax deeply. The workshop will conclude with a sound meditation as we soak in the vibrations of soothing bells, harmonium, crystal alchemy singing bowls and the gong. There will be a 20- minute break built in where you will have the option of resting or free writing in a journal if you would like. All are welcome regardless of ability and flexibility.

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