Kundalini Yoga: My Thoughts on this Wonderful Path

Kundalini Yoga offers us, what I believe to be the essential path of all Yoga – a space to bring us into unity with our SELF or our essence, soul, spirit and most authentic nature.

The benefits of Yoga, stretch far beyond our limited time in class. The beauty and unfoldment of our truest self takes place in all of the hours when we are outside of the classroom – this is what we aim to teach at HeartWell House. The catalyst for change may be planted during time with teachers and classmates, but ultimately these tools and technologies hope to connect deeper with our truth as we embark on our day to day activities. As we slow down, and lean on meditation and kriya to support us, we begin to notice that instead of being overly reactive to emotion and life difficulty, we can respond in a manner that is clear and centered.

“Kundalini means awareness. Awareness is the active interaction of you as a finite individual identity with you as an infinite potential identity. This dominant energy of awareness is in you. Kundalini Yoga is the supreme technology to awaken that awareness and take you into your original self.”

(The Aquarian Teacher, p.170)

It is from a space of quiet strength that the blossom opens. It is a flower that’s seed has always been within us, waiting to unfold and rise toward the sun. It is awareness, it is a strong magnetic field, it is a healthy glandular system, it is following what feels good and true, it is connecting deeply to ourselves, others and nature. This is the rise of Kundalini energy, the rise of ourSELF.

Kundalini Yoga suits my personality. To me, it is everything. It is stimulation and movement, it is stillness. Kundalini Yoga is sound, and it is quiet peace. It brings groups and diverse populations together and it honors oneness with the self. In a single class one will experience quiet meditation and various breathing techniques (pranayama), chanting, sequenced asana practice (kryia), stillness and action. It has something for everyone. There is no experience necessary and the benefits just from being in the room are and will be profound. It is the Yoga of experience and thus, I encourage you from the depth of my being to check out a class or a workshop for yourself!

Check out our Classes and Workshops page for upcoming Kundalini class in Doylestown!


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