The Most Radiant You

Retreat Adventures in Yoga, Meditation, and Expressive Arts
for Young Adults


Join John & Laura Muraco for this engaging and fun program that will teach you tools to manage stress, lower anxiety, increase your health and wellness, and provide you a space for self-expression. We understand that the demands of school and social pressure can leave one feeling nervous, distracted, and uninterested in the things that used to be fun. This retreat will be rejuvenating and up-lifitng, and give you a space where You can be YOU!!

Things We Will Do

  • Engage in a Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Learn breathing techniques for helping with focus and emotional regulation
  • Build strength
  • Increase your immune system functioning
  • Help your nervous system better deal with stress
  • Spend afternoons will be taken up making art, spending time in nature, journaling, and sharing knowledge.

Topics We Will Explore

  • Daily check-ins
  • Daily morning Yoga and Meditation
  • Elements of Yoga / Yoga Philosophy
  • Group building activities to build safe community
  • Ayurvedic practices for impeccable health and hygiene
  • Understanding basic plant medicine - aromatherapy, hydrosols, burnables, and teas for supporting health and wellness
  • Learning importance of daily practice & creative expression
  • Time in nature journaling, art-making, and meditating
  • Creating "Personal Mission Statement" - help with choosing a major, or work
  • Chakra and subtle body exploration
  • Evening movement and sound meditation offerings
No experience necessary! Come as you are, with an open mind. We can't wait to see you there


If you are creative, and inspired by learning more about healthy lifestyle and self expression, then this is for you! Our current age range is 20-25 years of age.


Reduce stress, learn self emotional regulation skills, strength building skills, self-expression in a group, connecting with others in a deep and profound way, practice new and different ways to create and sustain a healthy life now and in college.


John and Laura Muraco have spent the better part of the past 20 years studying the traditional wellness arts. John received his masters in Art Therapy in 2010 and has experience working in hospitals, residential treatment centers, and in educational settings. He continuously see the power of expression and movement to ignite ones personal energy and support emotional challenge. Laura has dedicated her time as a creative intuitive. Her work in schools and a holistic approach to childhood education has fortified her skills as a mother and as an educator. Together, Laura and John bring several yoga and meditation trainings, addiction and recovery education, and skills to offer time tested lessons for impeccable health and wellness. We cannot wait to meet you!


We want to get to know you! Click here for an application. Space is very limited and application phone/zoom interview is required.


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